DDorji_logo Judan – 10th Degree
Senior Professor




Prof. Herb LaGue – Shodai

SDorji_logo  Kudan – 9th Degree Black Belt  

Ranks need to be adjusted due to old records 
and they are being updated with new information provided to Prof. Bob Karnes.
Ranks are not in order of seniority

Prof. Rich Radcliff- Shihan and Prof. Roy Lonnberg-Shihan are Friends of our Federation and they are advanced teachers that we honor with all of our Dan Ranks for their service to our Ryu.

Hachidan – 8th Degree Black Belt

Prof. Gerry Knapton

Prof. Julio Ulich Racz

Prof. Victor Mancia

Prof. Dale Casale

Prof. John Shipley

Prof. Bob Karnes

Prof. Steve McLaughlin

Shichidan -7th Degree Black Belt

Prof. Milind “Mil” Dhond

Prof. Richard Hueston

Prof. Michael Werth

Prof. Robby Wade

Prof. Suki LaGue

Prof. Burkhard (Bogi) Bohm – (Deceased)

Rokudan 6th Degree Black Belt

Prof. Lenin Roberto Trujillo

Prof. Anthony Holtz

Prof. Mike Clawson

Prof. David Drepak

Prof. Gustavo Sanchez Goronel

Prof. Leina Chang

Prof. Mike Miller

Prof. Ken Nussear

Godan 5th Degree Black Belt with title of Shihan

(After the OKUDEN of the complete DZR system has been transmitted)

Prof. Timothy Walden

Prof. Jason Belisle

Prof. Larysa Casale

Prof. Felix Villon Powell

Prof. Roberto Florencia

Prof. Walter Miguel Loyola

Prof. Thomas Vlahovich

Prof. Oswaldo Feijoo

Prof. Ross Triplett

Prof. Alicia Karnes

penrose_triangle_logo Yodan, 4th Degree Black Belt          

with the title of Sr. Master


Denise Shipley

Dustan Drinkut

Irene Lapuz

Yael Arnon

Kim Sigler


Sandan, 3rd Degree Black Belt

with the title of Master


The dragon symbolizes the inner dragons that we all must face, and that must be conquered to become a master martial artist. It is said of Jujitsu that it would require ten years of practice in order to win victory over one’s self and twenty years to win victory over others.

Colby Scott

Tom Rutledge

Dominic Uchikura

Guy Josephs

Kyle Walden

Khamron Vongsawan

Joffre Fuentes Gomez

Noe Saul Parra Berrones

Pete Colon

Danilo Madeja

Ido Kleinberger

Joseph Milne

Daniel Fascilla

Mark Armerding

Raymond Creitz (Deceased)


Nidan, 2nd Degree Black Belt

with the title of Instructor


The bow and arrow symbolize the relationship between the student (arrow) and the teacher (bow), where each student with the help of the instructor can go further than the instructor has, but alone both are stationary, and thus the growth of each depends on the other.

Willian Holtz

Heather Willis

Rey Ortiz

Rob Pecchenino

Rebecca Shower

Mason Parizo

Felix Villon Powell

Dominic Uchikura

Lee Sucasas

Boaz Arbel

Laura Shannon-Madeja

Karl Brevick

Jill Heaton

Rick McCullough

Istvan (Steve) Keller

April Wienholz

Edo Cedar

Kirk Sachtler

Ted Hecklin

dolphin_jump_logo Shodan, 1st Degree Black Belt  

The dolphin symbolizes an intelligent, graceful, compassionate – yet powerful being. Capable of defending itself and family, yet without malice towards others, even when mistreated. Shodan is an important transition from a beginning student to one who embarks on a life long search for knowledge.

Alena Feusi

Juliana Casale

Francheska Casale

Aleksandro Casale

Theodore Brabant

Jaeleigh Burnett

Maya Dhond

Jacek Van Pelt

Brad Warren

David Guaman

Mike Box

William Holtz

Alex Dhond

Danielle Houle

Bradley G. Ray

Eddie Chae

Thomas Jelen

James Garza

Silas Gaussoin-Radcliffe

Andrew Steley

Shane Nelson

Alex McKernon

Tyron Burnett

Jeff Frye

Billy Ogle

Tom Ogle

Claus Hansen

Louis Orr

Craig Watanabe

Matt Tholl

Lucas Gray

Angie Parizo

Amitai Arnon

Jennie B. Mercado

Pavel Havlicek

Mitch Roth

Neekowee Clearwater

Velimir Bozovie

James Kilburne

Naomi Arbel

Adrienne Birland

Landon Barlow

Doug Hughes

Wayne Christy

Ginny Kitzke