The Bushidokan Dojo and Martial Arts Temple – teaching traditional Japanese Jujitsu in Reno/Sparks NV

Bushidokan Martial Arts Temple, Reno/Sparks NV - Jujitsu
Bushidokan Martial Arts Temple, Sparks NV

Martial Arts at the Bushidokan Temple is a school in Reno/Sparks Nevada which was founded in 1969. The Bushidokan is dedicated to developing its students through the martial arts and other related courses. We presently offer classes in Jujitsu and other related subjects. Jujitsu, a Japanese system of philosophy, combat, and self defense is one of the world’s oldest martial art disciplines. Jujitsu is unique among the martial arts in the effectiveness, simplicity and range of its techniques, essentially encompassing a ‘mixed martial arts’ (MMA) curriculum. All age groups and both sexes can participate together. Jujitsu provides a lifetime recreational opportunity that can be practiced by any individual; many older people enjoy Jujitsu, as well as the very young.

The Bushidokan uses a system of instruction known as the “Dan Zan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu”. Zenyo Bujutsu translates into “Martial Arts (bujutsu) with a comprehensive understanding of the whole (zenyo)”. In this Kodenkan-style jujitsu system, the senior students transmit learning to the junior students. This method of instruction, under the guidance of highly qualified instructors, leads to greater physical and mental retention of what has been learned.

The Bushidokan believes that honest mistakes are the real teachers of experience, and that excellence in education can only be returned through the initiative of the mutual cooperation and growth of the student and the instructor while they learn from the other. The founders, as well as the current board of directors and faculty, all share the belief that it is necessary for the mind, body and spirit to be in harmony for true growth and development.

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311 9th St, Sparks, NV 89431

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Contacts – Professor Herb LaGue, Shodai

Bushidokan Dojo Location – We are the second house from the corner of C and 9th street (311 9th street Sparks,Nevada), next to the Bourbon  Parking Garage. It is the large two story house with two large pine trees in front. Slide the middle door to the left slide the next door open go left up the stairs. Do not bother knocking on the door just come on in!

“Your whole body, from wingtip to wingtip,” Jonathan would say, “is nothing more than your thought itself, in a form you can see. Break the chains of your thought, and you break the chains of your body, too …” –Richard Bach Jonathan Livingston Seagul